24 days

photo21.jpgStill no word on Weaver.  Can’t blame a guy for holding out for all he can get.  I love how people love to knock ballplayers for trying to get all the cash and/or benefits they can.  I’d be willing to bet that most of us would like to do the same at our workplace.  You know Jocketty is in no hurry to get this done.  Really, besides maybe the Pirates or Nationals, who are both desperate but I don’t think I have seen either team with any interest in him, who else is there?  I don’t think the major markets want any part of him.  What AL team wants him?  A deal will get done, but it might not happen until right  before spring training starts.

It is the time of year when the prospect handbooks are hitting the market.  Everyone’s pick for the Cardinals number one prospect is Rasmus.  But as far as he projects, that is where the real debate begins.  Brian Smith at SI.com ranks him the highest I have seen http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/baseball/mlb/01/22/prospects.partiv/index.html. I think Steve Finley when I see him.  I believe the Cardinals and Mr. Rasmus would be happy if he has that kind of success.

I really look forward to seeing the progression of Chris Perez and Jaime Garcia this spring. With Perez’s arm and experience in big games at the U, I think he will rocket through the system.  I would not be totally surprised if he starts the year in AA and is in the big leagues by late July or August.  For some reason Garcia reminds me of the pitcher equivalent of Pujols.  I admit that is a way over the top projection, but I just see a lot of similarities.  Both underrated in the draft.  Both took to the minors like fish to water.  Both came out of nowhere to vault up the Cardinals prospect rankings.  Garcia will probably start out at Palm Beach but will surely be in Springfield by the end of the year.

 That is all for now.  24 days until pitchers and catchers report.


The Post-Dispatch is reporting that the Cardinals believe they will know the answer on Weaver in the next couple of days.  The article mentions the Mariners and Dodgers being in the running.  Maybe the Mariners, but it makes no sense the Dodgers would be in the running.  Sounds like Boras is just trying to drive the price up.  Link:



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