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This site is for me to share my opinions on MLB, especially the Cardinals, and anything else you or me feel like talking about on a given day. 

Right now I am anxiously awaiting the start of spring training with some questions/doubts about the starting rototation as well as the bullpen.  Carpenter is a horse and is the only pitcher I believe Cardinal nation can count on.  How will Wainwright fair moving to the rotation?  Can Reyes and Wells stay healthy?  Is Weaver going to be back?  What can we expect out of Franklin?  Is Narveson really a canidate? When will Mulder be back and what can we expect?  It seems history has shown us that this injury can take 12-18 months to recover.

Then to the bullpen…  The young pitchers were great in post season, but Kinney and Johnson have not done it over a whole big league season.  Flores was very mediocre at times.  Looper was not very good getting out left handed hitters.  Izzy scares me even when he is healthy.  Will Rincon be back and what can we expect out of him?  I do like Spinger but he is close to getting his AARP card. 

I do admit that if things come together I feel the Cardinals are much more talented going into this season than last.  Reyes and Wainwright could be dominating.  If the bullpen trend carries over from the post season there should not be alot to worry about.  I feel Wells, if healthy, could shine under Duncan (I believe he had a leg injury and not a foot injury).  Weaver could really find a home here. 

Well that’s it on my first post.  Don’t slam me too hard.


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