Whats that have to got to do with anything?

chuck.jpg I steal the title of this latest entry from one of my mentors, a true Vietnam War hero.  The person who the Rambo and the Chuck Norris Missing in Action characters were based.  Heck, Chuck Norris probably based his life on him. 

I use it here in reference to Walt Jocketty.  Now this is not a post to slam one of the top executives in baseball.  I just wonder why he is not held accountable for the farm system.  Last post season and the last few trade deadlines we get to hear Walt say quite often that, “we just don’t have the prospects to make the deal”, etc.  But isn’t Jocketty responsible for the farm system?  Isn’t he the one ultimately responsible for the lack of prospects.  I have read or seen many of the St. Louis media giving the excuse that Walt just does not have the bullets to get the job done.  He has been the GM for over ten years now so all the players in our system have been drafted or obtained during his watch.  So he is the one who did not get the ammo.  To his credit he has gotten more for less.  He has made multiple one sided deals that have helped the Cardinals win divisions, pennants, and a World Championship; players like Kile, Clark, McGwire, Edmonds, etc.  I am just saying I am tired of the excuses. 

Since everyone else is doing a top ten prospect list, here is mine.

1.  Colby Rasmus

2.  Jaime Garcia

3. Chris Perez

4.  Jon Jay

5. Blake Hawksworth

6.  Tommy Pham

7. Adam Ottavino

8. Brian Anderson

9. Mark McCormick

10. Tyler Greene

Not real original.  I do like Pham more than most.  I think he could still struggle during the upcoming year but I really believe 08 could be his breakout year.  I just don’t know if it will be at shortstop.  The rest of the list does not differ with most.  I do believe Greene just had a down year and look for him to bounce back this year, probably at Springfield. 


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