Maybe the author knows something???

  Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Pirates are in on Weaver, as I speculated in an earlier post.  I really do not understand why teams like the Pirates and Royals  overpay free agents when the franchises are in a rebuilding mode.  Albeit, rebuilding modes that have lasted decades.  I heard Ned Yost explain it best in an interview a few years ago.  “Why go out and spend money on one or two  free agents when the organization has so many holes to fill.  Put that money away and develop your young talent.  When that talent ripens, then you can spend the money on filling the gaps.”  It looks like that time is finally coming about in Milwaukee.  Sure they overpaid for Suppan, but it filled a hole that could help them win now.  I really believe they will finish ahead of the Cubs in the standings and have spent a lot less money. 

The college baseball season is going to get going soon and most eyes will be on Vanderbilt’s David Price, Baseball America’s Summer Player of the Year and possible number one overall pick in the 2007 draft.  Here is what Baseball America had to say back in August, ” a 6-6 lefty from Vanderbilt, was nearly untouchable for Team USA this year, going 5-1, 0.20 with 61 strikeouts and seven walks in 44 innings to win BA’s Summer Player of the Year award for 2006.
“He’s very deserving,” said Team USA coach Tim Corbin, who also coaches Price at Vanderbilt. “He was very consistent–our No. 1 pitcher at the beginning of the summer, and our No. 1 pitcher at the end. I think David was a leader, kind of a go-to guy. He had done this before, and he felt comfortable in this situation.” Price found himself on the national team last summer after going 2-4, 2.86 with 90 strikeouts in 69 innings for the Commodores as a freshman. He led Team USA starters with 39 strikeouts and a 1.26 ERA in 29 innings, further fueling expectations for his sophomore season.  And for a while, Price lived up to those expectations. After his masterful 17-strikeout performance against Arkansas on April 7, Price was sitting pretty at 5-2, 1.81 with a 97-17 K-BB ratio in 60 innings.”  Tampa Bay has the first overall pick.  In a few years it could be quite intimidating going to Tropicana Field for left handed hitters, having to face southpaws Price and Kazmir. 

Lastly,  goodbye to Mississippi Nights.  It is sad to see such a great concert venue go.  You can’t blame the owner because he probably got some serious cash.  But it was such a great place to watch a show. 


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  1. A. E. Schafer

    Hey. Nice site. It’s my first visit here, it was referenced over at Viva El Birdos. I fully agree with you on the bizarre stupidity of teams trying to build a nucleus spending big money on FA players. I also happen to think you’re likely right about the Brewers vs. the Cubs question.

    Mississippi Nights was the greatest. My favorite experience there was in 1992. I was only 12 years old, but my older cousin, who was cool as hell, agreed to take me to an all ages show there. It was House of Love (doubt if anyone remembers them, they were a gorgeous, swirling Brit indie sort of thing, think My Bloody Valentine), opening for the Catherine Wheel. I was a huge HOL fan at the time, lukewarm on Cath Wheel. But I just remember looking at all of these incredibly cool people, looking to me like gods, swaying, talking, smoking, kissing, and I thought at the time that life couldn’t possibly get any better than that moment. And it turns out I was right. It was beautiful. I will definitely miss the place.

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