Spicoli, we hardly even knew you.


Brad Hamilton: Why don’t you get a job Spicoli?
Jeff Spicoli: What for?
Brad Hamilton: You need money.
Jeff Spicoli: All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, Scott Boras, and I’m fine.

Most media outlets are reporting the Cardinals are out of the running for Weaver.  Who does the Seattle GM have nude photos of?  He way overpayed for Bautista, traded a really good setup man in Soriano for an average starting pitcher coming off arm problems.  He trades two pretty good prospects, though Snelling is oft injured, for a broken down second baseman when the Mariners have a good one, Lopez, and a strong prospect in Chen.  He gave lots of $$ to Washburn last winter and he went on to win 8 games and post an ERA of 4.67.  Now he goes out and signs a guy who got dumped by team in his division after going 3-10 with a 6.29 ERA.  All because he had one good month. 

I know athletes say things all the time and back track afterward but I like this quote by Weaver on the chances of him returning:  “Why wouldn’t you if you have the opportunity to have the chance to do this each and every year?” Weaver said in October. “This is what we play for, to have the chance to win, and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”  (credit Stltoday.com)  Does that mean you go from a team that is the reigning World Champs and in the playoffs every year of the last seven except one to one that has finished last in its division the last three years?

I am kind of glad it is over so that the guys on the roster can focus on where they fit in and get prepared for spring training.  I would like to see the Cardinals take a gamble on a Tony Armas or a Mark Redman.  Armas because he can have really good stuff at times or Redman because I would hate for someone in the division to sign him because the Cardinals can’t beat soft tossing lefties. 

One last thing, just a funny piece out a post by Rosenthal tonight.  “The loss of Weaver likely would leave the Cardinals to start the season with an all-right-handed rotation of right-handers Chris Carpenter, Anthony Reyes, Adam Wainwright, Kip Wells and Ryan Franklin.”  Isn’t Weaver right-handed or did he become left-handed and that is how Boras is getting him more money?  Second, if you have an all-right-handed rotation, would it not be assumed that all your pitchers were right-handed?  Yeah I know I have no business busting on someone else’s writing but I couldn’t resist and plus he gets paid for this.


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  1. Matt Wilson

    I’m glad Weaver left for that kind of money. I think the Cards have been wise not to overspend on Suppan and Weaver. Getting an Armas or a Redman, if the price is right, would be a good move. I would prefer to see Redman, just so we can put a lefty in the middle of the rotation to break up all the right handers, but I think Armas has much better stuff if he can stay healthy. I think either are a better choice than Franklin, Looper, or Thompson as your #5.

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