As the world turns

 The Weaver/Boras/Cardinals situation is turning into a great big soap opera.  Jeff Gordon has a couple good articles over at Stltoday.  I know that Boras is wanting to the blame on someone else, but the Cardinals have been accused the past couple offseasons of dragging their feet.  When it was time to resign Womack, I know he said the Cardinals  told him to wait because they were concentrating on Renteria.  I believe Mabry was in the same boat last season.  Same with Grudz.  So do I believe Boras and Weaver should share part of the blame, maybe the Cardinals are at fault also.

Future Redbirds has some good info and great links today.  It has a nice pic of Memphis’ new uniforms.  I agree the M does look like the one on the Brewers’ hats.  Be sure to check it out.

I know most of you have seen this but if not,  our middle infield better not quit their day jobs. has there baseball previewup. B0b Nightengale reviews the Cardinals, and doesn’t give us much more than what we have all talked about this winter.  Looking over some of the other teams, all I can say is, Man the Dodgers have a lot of pitching.

Update:  Now Bill Dewitt is putting his two cents in on Weaver.  I think everyone involved needs to move on.  Something the Post had to say I found particularly interesting, “The Cardinals saw Weaver as no more than a temporary No. 3 and a No. 4 upon Mark Mulder’s return from shoulder surgery, according to club sources.”  Why would you make a two year offer when you find a player only a temporary solution?  If he was a temporary No. 3 or No. 4, who do the Cardinals see as the permanent solutions? 


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