Closer to Spring Training

rounding_basecropped.jpg is reporting the Cardinals have had discussions with Steve Traschel.  I really hope we don’t sign him if he doesn’t come really cheap.  I really believe he might end up in Houston.

Interesting perspective on Super Bowl on Bernie’s Superbowl Bits. Not baseball reading, but good reading.

Here is a nice write up on Cardinals 31st round selection Mark Shorey at 

Do you think a player signing is a mistake if the owner has to write a letter to fans explaining it?  The owner of the San Fransisco Giants sure does.  This negotiation just gets more and more bizarre.

Baseball Prospectus has an updated PECOTA ranking for Bryan Anderson:  “in the Unfiltered blog, silver explains the confusion and says anderson’s PECOTA projection is the third-best in baseball among minor-league catching prospects:

“Unlike most of this year’s catching prospects, Bryan Anderson is young, and hitting over .300 in the Midwest League as a 19-year-old is no small feat. Anderson doesn’t have a lot of power to go with that batting average yet, but his plate approach is good, and his comparables list is a who’s who of acclaimed catching prospects of recent vintage, from successes like Brian McCann and Joe Mauer to burnouts like Cesar King. . . . it’s not hard to see why [PECOTA] likes him.””

That’s all for today.  Not a lot of time due to the fact I am on call.  Those in the Cape area, Lou Brock will be at Lacroix Church on Feb. 10 at 5:30pm.  Also, LaCroix had a concert last night called Elevation that was completely awesome.  It was rockin’ and upbeat and will almost “melt your face off.”  It will also be held on March 2 and April 13.  Don’t miss it. 


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