6 Days

  It is now 6 days until the world becomes right again.  In other words, that is when pitchers and catchers report.  Nice info on Cardinals minor leaguers playing winter ball over at the official site. I noticed it now lists Marti as age 32, up from 28 when he was drafted this past June.  So by this June will he be 36?

Great interview over at www.vivaelbirdos.com with Derek Gould of the Post.  A whole lot of info on the Cardinals’ farm system for those that need to get up to speed.

Future Redbirds has a nice story on 2006 draftee Gary Daley. 

It may be dangerous to admit in Cardinal country, but I am a huge Derek Jeter fan.  Is he a great player?  Probably not.  He is definitely not an $18 million a year player.  But he is a great leader.  I believe he makes the Yankees a better team by everyone knowing that it is his team and he expects them to contribute to just that, the team.  He goes all out all the time, willing to do whatever it takes to win.  He consistently puts up good numbers, but I think this is overshadowed due to all the hype that surrounds him. I know the hype is way overblown, but what would you expect of the New York media?  He is the Captain of the Yankees and no one could live up to the expectations that comes with that.  Something that makes him such a great leader is he leads by example.  Jeter has a great work ethic that often gets overlooked. He reported to the Yankees’ spring training complex weeks before spring training was scheduled  to begin.  Also, he is as passionate about winning as anyone in the game.  An article in today’s New York Daily News discusses how he could not get away from the sting of losing to the Tigers in the ALDS.  Not even in Europe.

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Reds have agreed with Bronson Arroyo on a two year $25 million extension.  Arroyo did have a very solid year in 2006, going 14-11 with a 3.29 ERA.   I would think it would make sense to see how he responds this year after he threw 240 innings last year, by far the most of his career, before signing him to this extension.  He has a career record of 47-44 with an ERA of 4.21. So in the past couple days the Reds have paid out over $60 million for two pitchers who are a combined 7 games above .500, have a career ERAs over 4, and have thrown more than 200 innings in a season a four times, combined. 



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2 responses to “6 Days

  1. ilillillli

    I’ve always liked Jeter, too. My friends and I were talking about this this past weekend. We’re all big Jimmy Edmonds fans, but decided that we would probably hate him and his antics if he played for another team. The oposite goes for players like Jeter and… I hate to say it… Craig Biggio. I feel like in a more perfect world those guys would’ve ended up Cardinals. Either way I like ’em.

  2. Great site and interesting reading

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