Better than a urinal


Interesting article on Kip Wells and some of the reasons he chose to come to St. Louis.  The article also looks at the surgery he had in early 2006.  With his recent health history, I really don’t know how much the Cardinals can count on him.

Ken Rosenthal points out something most of us already knew, and that is the Cardinals had a poor offseason.  He does readliy admit that LaRussa and Co. have been here before and usually get good results.  But I can’t remember this many uncertainties, especially during years the Cardinals won the division.  Also, he does a fairly good job of making fun of the Cub’s absurd offseason spending. 

In case you missed it, Rotoworld ranked the top 10 Cardinals prospects, as well as the rest of the NL Central.  The list is a little different from others I have seen.  I don’t recall seeing Ottavino nor Hamilton ranked as high as Mr. Pouliot has rated the two.  It is still too early to make a final judgement, but these last two drafts have really infused some much needed talent into this organization. 

Everyone needs to bookmark Derrick Gould’s blog at Stltoday. Or just bookmark my site and click on the link to the right.  He is going to be updating his blog quite often during Spring Training.  Seems most of the team has reported to Jupiter before the first official day of camp.  Also, he mentions Chris Duncan has been there for weeks, hopefully taking lots of flyballs.  The Cardinals will also be debuting some new workout attire.  The new hat is up top, notice the patch of blue on the side.  So now you can get rid of all your recently bought World Championship attire and get the new Spring Training wardrobe.  Remember, we need to support the owners so they can pay off the ballpark and put a great product on the field. Let’s be honest, the hat is better than buying an urinal.



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