Josh Kinney out


The worst case scenario has become reality and Josh Kinney will be out for the year due to Tommy John surgery.  Kinney had an MRI on Tuesday that showed a 90 percent tear of the ulnar collateral ligament and a severe strain of the flexor muscles supporting the elbow. Dr. Paletta said the results suggested the tear had occurred gradually rather than with one incident. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday in St. Louis.

Does this mean Looper returns to the bullpen?  If Izzy isn’t ready who closes?  I feel that because of the role that had been ear marked for Kinney that Looper has to go back out to the pen.  Especially, with Russ Springer nursing an oblique strain.  It possibly gives a chance for Brad Thompson to be the fifth starter.  Could be good news for Flores, Johnson, and Rincon as maybe the Cardinals carry 3 lefties.  Maybe a guy like a Hawksworth makes it as a reliever like Wainwright did last year.  Maybe Bruce Sutter or Lee Arthur Smith come out of retirement.  Or maybe Todd Worrell.  Okay, I am getting ridiculous but there are a whole bunch of different scenarios to play out.  Maybe it forces Jocketty’s hand and he makes a deal.  Supposedly Brad Penney’s stock has slipped with the Dodgers.  Colorado will deal Josh Fogg or B.Y. Kim.  Shawn Chacon is available. 

Former Cardinal Dave Veres made his first appearance in an A game this spring for the Rockies and worked a perfect inning Thursday against the White Sox.

Tampa Devil Rays preview on Friday.


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