10 days and counting…

Believe it or not, only 10 more days until opening day.   

Not much to say on the whole LaRussa ordeal.  The dude messed up, no one was hurt, leave him alone.

Reports out of Cardinals’ camp this spring have Kip Wells looking really sharp.  Seems Hall of Famer Jim Palmer agrees.  Do you think Jim gave Kip a free pair of Jockey shorts?

According to Joe Strauss, Jim Edmonds should be cleared to play opening day.  This is good due to Juan E. starting the year on the DL. I hope Jimmy isn’t  rushing back too soon, possibly slowing him down later in the year.

Adam Wainwright had another good outing for the Cardinals yesterday.  He gave up one run in five innings.  His ERA is now 1.25 this spring.  I think he will fit into the rotation just fine.

 MiLB.com has an article about some of the Cardinals’ prospects.  Nice quick interview with Dennis Dove.

Check out Baseball America’s article about Tiger pitching prospect Jair Jurgens.  It has good insight on the approach of a breakout pitching prospect.

Looks like the Nationals’ Jim Bowden is at it again.  Chad Cordero, Washington’s closer, is available but for multiple top notch prospects.  The Nationals’ system is barren, so I don’t blame him for getting all he can.  But when he asks for the sky, he will probably come up empty, as he did when he botched the Alfonso Soriano situation.  He asked for too much in that situation, too, and ended up only with draft picks.  And because the Cubs’ pick is the number 3 overall, the Nationals’ don’t even get the Cubs’ first pick. 

Also, bad news for South Carolina Gamecock fans.  Two of the top freshman in the country have been dismissed from South Carolina’s number 2 ranked baseball team.  It is nice to see a program do what is right as opposed as what is best for winning.  Baseball America has the story.

Heading home and can’t wait to see my babies.


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