2 Days away

I am finally done with the team previews.  I am not doing the Cardinals in the same format as I talk about them on an almost daily basis.  I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I started the previews but I was am very glad they are done.  I know the final team previews had quite a few typos, but I was to the point that I did not care.

The Cardinals announced the festivities for opening night.  I remember Lamping standing at the podium during the Cardinals’ victory parade and saying this would be the greatest opening day ever.  I got the impression that this was going to be something really special, but I don’t see it.  REO Speedwagon?  Come on, they are going to be at the SEMO District Fair this fall.  A band that is going to be at the fair shouldn’t be involved if this is the greatest opening day ever.

Derrick Gould is reporting that the Cardinals have decided to move LHP Troy Cate to the bullpen at Memphis.  This is kind of curious as Cate had a pretty good spring and the majority of Cardinal pitching prospects are right-handed.  But maybe the Cardinals feel they can trade Rincon and Cate will get the call if Flores or Johnson has to miss time due to injury.

I feel bad for Rodriguez.  He has produced when given the opportunity.  He just hasn’t been given much opportunity.  I know, Wilson seemed to give the team a little jolt when they picked him up, but look at his numbers, he really hasn’t produced.  Wilson has been really bad this spring, barely hitting over the .200 mark.  But he has struck out around 25% of the time.

The Cardinals’ rotation led the Grapefruit League in team ERA.  Don’t too excited just yet.  Remember, that wind that is holding back the Cardinals’ offense is also assisting it’s pitching staff.

Southeast scored a school record 27 runs on Wednesday.  That’s all fine and good, but they gave up 16 to Freed-Hardeman.

I will have my predictions for the upcoming season on Saturday.

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  1. Great job on the team reviews! That took a ton of work. Nice to know about some of the prospects for the other teams. I enjoy your site.

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