2007 Predictions

I was able to catch the end of the Cardinals’ game and came away with only one thought.  How is Izzy any better than last year?  Well I guess I  can answer my own question, he didn’t blow the lead.  But he still looked shaky by letting two runners on.  Nice battle Bennett won.  So here goes my predictions:

American League Predictions

AL East        Boston Red Sox–Love the pitching

AL Central   Cleveland Indians–Unsure of this pick until I heard about Kenny Rogers

AL East         Oakland A’s–Pitching is deep if Harden is healthy

Wild Card      Detroit Tigers–Will slip some with Rogers out until July

Division Series   Boston over Detroit;  Cleveland over Oakland

League Championship Series    Indians over Red Sox

 National League Predictions

NL East        Philadelphia Phillies–Still need to upgrade bullpen

NL Central  Milwaukee Brewers–End reign of St. Louis/Houston division titles

NL West      L.A. Dodgers–Best pitching staff in NL.  Well balanced lineup.

Wild Card    St. Louis Cardinals–Will acquire another arm and bat during season.

Division Series  Dodgers over Cardinals  Brewers over Phillies

League Championship Series  Dodgers over Brewers

World Series   Dodgers over Indians

Yes I would love to be wrong and the Cardinals win it.  But I don’t think in this era of parity that the Cards will repeat.

Cy Young

AL–Johan Santana

NL–Roy Oswalt


AL–Grady Sizemore

NL–Albert Pujols

Rookie of the Year

AL–Alex Gordon

NL–Chris Young

Comeback Player of the Year

AL–Zack Greinke

NL–Derek Lee

The new indepedent league team in Marion is making some news.  They announced that the most famous little league pitcher of the last 20 years, Danny Almonte, will be a member of their team. 


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