Thoughts on Opening Day

I am back from the stadium and what a bummer of an opening day.  Carpenter was never on track and it just seemed like the team, sans Eckstein, was flat.  Why wasn’t Duncan in the lineup?  Isn’t he the everyday leftfielder.  Oh that’s right, LaRussa looks at the histories of how players have fared against the opposing pitcher.  Taguchi is a career .111 hitter vs. Glavine while Wilson has a career .205 BA vs. Glavine.  Duncan has never faced Glavine.  What is the old saying, bad credit is better than no credit?  One more gripe about the play on the field, how do you get a guy thrown out at the plate late in the game when you are down 5-1?

Looking out at the Cardinals’ outfield during the first inning, I was trying to figure out who might have a worse starting outfield on opening day.  My only guess was Texas or maybe Florida.  Would love some input on this. 

I need to vent about activity not on the field.  First off, why can’t people wait until the end of an inning to make a concessions run?  Along the same lines, why can’t these same people wait until the end of the inning to return to his seat?  I felt like I was in church, sit, stand, sit, stand.  We finally got tired of it and just walked around the stadium.  We were standing behind the bleachers, just standing, and the usher comes up and grabs me and says, “You can’t stand here.”  No signs, no warnings.  So I guess you can stand and disturb the other fans as long as you are standing to go buy a $10 beer.  But if you are standing and there is no one behind you, forget it.  So we move along and stand almost dead centerfield, just a little toward right field.  There are several signs posted, “No Standing” and no one says a word.  We are even standing by a security guard.  Also, if you bump into someone, can’t you say excuse me?

It was great to see one of my all-time favorite ex-Cardinals, Joaquin Andujar. 

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