Tony isn’t happy..

Seems Tony LaRussa is bothered that the media is questioning him on his lineup decision on Sunday Night.  From “If Chris goes out and goes 0 for four, is that a good move to play him?” La Russa asked. “I think it’s a much better move to play the other two guys and let Chris get his shot another day. He might have got ’em, but I don’t understand … a lack of believability or credibility with the reasoning. I’m not talking about being second-guessed. That wasn’t, in my opinion, one of those controversial moves that deserves that much attention.”  I think Tony is out of line here. While the media does blow things out of proportion at times, this is an issue most people I talk to seem to have on their mind.  I really feel LaRussa should step back and not be so quick to blast these media members as they are the same ones who went fairly easy on him when he had his misfortunate incident this spring.  Most cities’ media members would not have been so kind.

Kip Wells makes his Cardinals’ debut as the Redbirds try to even up the series. 

News Around MLB:

Reigning MVP Justin Mourneau picked up where he left off going 3-4 with a HR.  His teammate Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana was not as sharp, yielding four runs in 6 innings.

Astros’ closer Brad Lidge didn’t start the year off on the right foot, already blowing his first save of the season.  Also of note in this game is that Phil Garner had Adam Everett batting second.  Does he not want the Astros to score many runs?

Felix Hernandez struck out 12 while shutting out the A’s over 8 innings.  He gave up only 3 hits and walked 2.

My AL MVP prediction started the year off right.  Grady Sizemore led off with a HR and scored 3 times on Monday.

The Brewers’ Ben Sheets threw a two-hitter and retired 22 straight at one point in the Brewers’ 7-1 win over the Dodgers on Monday.

Carlos Zambrano gave up five runs and walked five in five innings Monday in a loss to the Reds.  For the Reds, Aaron Harang allowed just an unearned run over seven innings .  Adam Dunn hit two bombs for the Reds.

Also, you have to see Cincinati’s mayor throw out the first pitch.  Click here, then cringe.
A new Number 1 in Baseball America’s Top 25.  Vanderbilt is back in the top spot after winning its weekend series at last week’s Number 1 South Carolina.  The complete Top 25 is linked on the right.

Happy Birthday Christina!!

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