Short post today

Short post this am as my internet has been down and I am off to work.

The Cardinals looked miserable again last night.  It is like they are still in their World Series haze and do not realize the season has started.  Wells looked pretty good at times and quite mediocre at times. I want to go into this more in a later post.  The Cards are still not hitting and the defense is very lackluster.  If the lights are such a problem to the outfielders, then they need to be taking flyballs after games to get used to it.  Oh yeah, they are professionals and don’t need to practice as such.

Is there such an apologist in all of sports like Al Hrabosky? 

Carpenter is going to miss his next start due to elbow soreness.  Let’s hope this is just precautionary and nothing serious.  The positive is that an MRI is not scheduled so it doesn’t seem to serious.

Will have another post later.

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