No Kool-Aid for Me!!

I hate to be negative but I have to be honest.  This Cardinal team is not very good.   The Cardinal organization is making money hand over fist, and yet they are not putting the money back in the team.  When your top offseason signing is Adam Kennedy, you can not tell me your biggest interest is the team.  When you are losing 4/5 of the rotation and you go out and sign Kip Wells, a guy who only threw 44 innings last year and was 8-18 the year before that, I feel you can question ownership’s committment to winning.  This is a team that only won 83 games last year, a team that barely made the playoffs.  Yes, the Cardinals won the World Series and no one was as happy as me, but the Cardinals 6-9 record is the worst of a reigning World Champ since the 98 Florida Marlins were 1-11 after their historical fire sale.  If Cardinal fans are okay with being compared with the 98 Marlins, so be it.  I know, at least the Cardinals’ didn’t raise ticket prices.  I agree.  But have you been to the ballpark?  A pennant that last year cost $4 is now $10.  Just look at the merchandise and every thing has been marked up.  I feel that Cardinal ownership let down the Cardinal fans by not going out and putting some of the money back in the team. Or when we are going after a free agent, we always seem to come up just short.

Now let me play devil’s advocate.  Some of the guys the Cardinals were interested in going after have struggled.  Jason Schmidt is on the DL and was throwing in the low 80’s after being in the low 90’s last year.  Miguel Batista is 1-1 with and ERA of 8.74.  Octavio Dotel is on the DL.  Adam Eaton is 1-1 with and ERA over 6.  Toma Ohka is 0-2 with an ERA of 7.02.  Vincente Padilla is 0-3 with an ERA of 6.08.

So the Cards limp in to Chicago having been swept in their last two series.  Ted Lilly will be on the hill and the Cardinals have had trouble against lefties.

Memphis once again fell to New Orleans (Mets), this time 7-6.  The Redbirds attempted a good come back, getting a run in the eighth and 2 in the ninth, but fell short.  Ryan Ludwick had 2 HRs, along with 4 RBIs.  Could he be an answer to our outfield woes?  Rick Ankiel had a couple hits.  Matt Ginter got rocked for 6 runs in 2.2 innings.  On a positive note Troy Cate pitched 2 shutout innings.

Springfield thumped Tulsa (Colorado).  Colby Rasmus hit his first HR of the season to go along with 3 hits.  Joe Mather is still hot picking up 2 more hits.  Eric Haberer gave up only one run in 5 innings but did give up 4 hits and 4 BBs. 

Palm Beach gave up 2 runs in the top of the ninth to fall 3-1 to Brevard County (Milwaukee).  Allen Craig had 3 more hits and the Cardinals’ only RBI.  Adam Daniels pitched 8 innings and gave up 1 run on 7 hits and had 7 Ks.

Isa Garcia, 2nd baseman of the Swing, was promoted to Palm Beach.  So far this year, Garcia was hitting .342 in 11 games.  He was a 34th Round pick in the 2006 First Year Player Draft out of the University of Houston.  He won the Appy League batting title in his pro debut last year.

The Swing  pounded Dayton (Cincinnati) 15-4.  It was Dayton’s first loss.  Brandon Buckman had two hits along with another HR.  Omar Falcon added three hits.  Christian Lopez was 2-4 and is hitting .448.  Mark Shorey continued his hot streak adding 2 more hits.  Brandon Dickson gave up 1 run in 4 innings of relief to pick up the win.  Blake King got the start and was shaky, giving up 3 runs in 3.1 innings, but he did strike out 6.



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