Sad Morning

I still am in shock about Josh Hancock.  I don’t know what is more shocking.  The fact that Hancock was killed or the fact that the Cardinals’ lost another player during the season.  I know that when I heard the news the thought of Darryl Kile came rushing back.  Bernie has a good article today.  Joe Strauss provides a few more details as more info is beginning to come to light.  It seems that he had been at Shannons after the game. 

I just don’t know how this team recovers.  LaRussa has his own personal problems from the incident in Spring Training.  I do really respect that LaRussa called Hancock’s family and did not leave it to the authorities.  It helps that some of the Cards have been through this before.  Or does it make it worse that they have to deal with this and then all of the memories of the Kile incident that may have to be dealt with again?  Only 4 of the current Cardinals were here when Kile passed.  A big difference between this team and the 02 team is honestly, this team is not nearly as good.  Now, I know, that winning baseball games is not nearly as important as the loss of Josh Hancock.  I am not even trying to compare the two.  What I am saying is this, it is easier to deal with grief if you can find an escape.  This team was already dealing with the adversity and stress of poor play.  How does this event compound things?  This team will need an escape and winning, I would think, would help.  Winning would provide a chance to feel better, bring about a little happiness.  If the losing continues, does this team spiral completely out of control?  Only time will tell.

God Bless Josh Hancock, his family, the Cardinals, and all of Redbird Nation.



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