A Beating

The Cards took a beating tonight at the hands of the Brewers, 12-2.  Duncan had 2 hits including a bomb that may still be traveling.  Pujols had 2 hits, also.  TLR tried to shake up the lineup by dropping Eck to eighth and leading off Skip.  As you can tell by the score it didn’t work.  Looper had his worse start of the season giving up 6 runs in 5 innings.  This team looks horrible.  A couple more weeks like this and we will be sellers instead of buyers at the trade deadline.

Memphis fared much better, beating Omaha (Kansas City), 4-2.  Blake Hawksworth had his best start of the season giving up 1 run on 8 hits in 7 innings.  Falkenborg got his eighth save.  Rick Ankiel went 2-3 with an RBI and has his average up to .261.  Ryan Ludwick went 0-3 but had another RBI.

Springfield got rained out on the road in Wichita.

Palm Beach got 2 runs in the eighth to beat Daytona (Cubs), 8-7.  Brandon Yarbrough was the star of the game going 4-4 with 4 RBIs and 2 runs scored.  Yarbrough has been red hot and raised his average to .344.  Allen Craig had another 2 hits and is batting .371.  Gary Daley was shaky giving up 5 runs on 7 hits in 5 innings.  Jon Mikrut got the win and Luke Gregerson got the save, striking out 2 in a scoreless inning.

The Swing beat the Great Lakes (Dodgers), 4-2.  Quad Cities scored 4 in the bottom of the eighth to pull out the victory.  Brandon Buckman had a hit and an RBI.  See his profile below.  Mark Shorey had a hit and an RBI, also.  Shorey is leading the MWL in RBIs and Buckman is second.  Michael Schellinger pitched 3 innings to get the victory.

The Cardinals catching prospects are really producing.  Bryan Anderson is hitting .327 for Springfield and Brandon Yarbrough is hitting .344 for Palm Beach.  With Yadi in St. Louis, catcher may be the deepest position in the system.

How does LaRussa get away with the statement, “The first time I hear insincerity, man, I’ll start swinging this fungo bat.” You can see the statement in its complete context here.  Now I understand that LaRussa is only trying to protect his players.  But he needs to realize how lucky he is to be in St. Louis.  If he were in New York and made such a comment, it would be all over the television, newspapers, and internet.  Just ask Don Imus about making dumb statements.


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