Pringles Park, Jackson, TN

Pringles Park, home of the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx

pringles-park.jpg pringles-2.jpgpringles-4.jpgpringles-3.jpgpringles-12.jpgpringles7.jpgpringles-9.jpg pringles-8.jpg pringles-5.jpg pringles-10.jpgpringles-11.jpg 

Jacksonville Suns

pringles-6.jpg suns.jpg suns3.jpg suns4.jpg

Mike Megrew

megrew.jpg megrew2.jpg megrew3.jpg

Chin Lung Hu

hu1.jpg hu2.jpg hu3.jpg

Cory Dunlap is large                 Danny Darwin              Luis Salazar

dunlap1.jpg                   dannydarwin.jpg                 luissalazar.jpg

Diamond Jaxx                           Tommy Cruz

diamondjaxx.jpg                   tommycruz.jpg

Matt Tuiasosopo

tuisi.jpg   tuisi2.jpg  tuisi3.jpg

My favorite pic, notice the ball in flight.


Pictures taken 4/25/07

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