John O’Donnell Stadium, Davenport, Iowa

John O’Donnell Stadium home of the Swing of the Quad Cities, Low A affaliate of the St. Louis Cardinals

jod.jpg  jod1.jpg  jod2.jpg 

jod7.jpg  jod8.jpg  jod12.jpg

jod6.jpg  jod13.jpg  jod11.jpg

jod3.jpg  One of the best views in baseball.

buckman1.jpgbuckman2.jpgbuckman3.jpg  Brandon Buckman

elvis1.jpg  elvis2.jpg  elvis3.jpg  Elvis Hernandez

furnish.jpg  Brad Furnish  jones.jpg  Daryl Jones

pj.jpg  pj1.jpg  P.J. Walters

landin.jpg  Jaime Landin  solano.jpg  Donovan Solano

shorey.jpg shorey1.jpg  Mark Shorey

rapoport.jpg  rapoport21.jpg  Jim Rapoport

schweitzer.jpg  Jared Schweitzer  ozzie.jpg  Ozzie

Clinton pitcher and former Notre Dame player Jeff Manship

manship2.jpg  manship3.jpg   

Pictures taken 5/27/07

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