More from the draft

First of all, the Cardinals signed Troy Percival to a Minor League contract and he will report to Memphis.  Hey, we don’t need to trade for a starter, we can sign one.  Looper made the transition from reliever so can he, and think Percival has a fresh arm.  He hasn’t pitched in 2 years. 

From Jim Callis at Baseball America:  I like Kozma at 18 a lot, he’s a HS bat who can stay at SS, and he makes sense at 18, you could make the case that he’s better than Kevin Ahrens who went at 16, and I think it was a good pick. They took very interesting college arms, from Mortensen to Eager to Kopp and Todd. Eager and Todd are probably relievers, and Mortensen to me is the big key. He’s got great stuff at times, sometimes three plus pitches, but he also had a 4.00 ERA for Gonzaga this year, that is hard to get past sometimes. At times I think I like him as a prospect too much, but he’s a personal fave. IF they sign Russell, I’ll be surprised, he’s a 3rd or 4th round talent consensus with first-round demands and the chance to go back to Texas and try to get out of a regional, which the Longhorns haven’t done in two years. I see him going back, just a hunch.  I didn’t get a chance to say this on the ESPN show, but I liked the Pete Kozma pick at No. 18. He was the best shortstop in the draft for me, the only guy who was going to stay at short and would hit. That’s a good value pick in a draft that was very thin on middle infielders. Kudos to the Cardinals–everyone expected them to go college heavy (including me) and that’s a good pick.

Also from BA:  An injury derailed Dan Thomas’ season, but the Cardinals scooped up the righthander from South Florida in the 44th round.Thomas pitched well early this season, including seven one-hit innings with eight punchouts against Manhattan with more than a dozen scouts in attendance to see him and Manhattan first baseman Matt Rizzotti. He went down with a shoulder injury shortly thereafter, and the injury was diagnosed as fraying in his right labrum. He had surgery in May.


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