Carpenter much better in second outing.

I have from good authority, the City of Cape is not only talking to the Cardinals about an affiliate, but also, Kansas City.  The city is just not so sure about the stadium costs, it will cost twice as much as the indy league stadium, but the city believes having an affiliated team will be a gold mine.  The city is also talking to a non affiliated league, but I have nothing concrete at this time.  Eliminate the American Association, as I received an e-mail from its Commissioner, Miles Wolff.

I read about the Cape Girardeau possibility on the web, but I have not been in touch with any city officials.  Cape Girardeau could be interesting for the American Association, but we need to look at all aspects.  Does the area have the population base?  You probably need an area population of around 150,000 people.  Does the geography fit well for travel?  What is the timetable for a new ballpark and how would it be financed?  Can we get quality ownership?  Keep in touch as things develop and as we can find some answers for all the questions.

Thanks to Mr. Wolff for his reply and input. 

Colby Rasmus and Bryan Anderson represented the Cardinals at the Futures Game in San Fransisco.  Rasmus and Anderson are the first position players to represent St. Louis since second baseman Adam Kennedy in 1999 — before he was traded to the then-Anaheim Angels for Jim Edmonds and long before his free-agent return this season.

Bryan Anderson looked really off balance in his first AB, a K.  The boxscore will make it seems that he is not so great behind the plate, but the SBs he gave up were off the pitcher.  He did throw out Chin-Lung Hu, the winner of the game’s MVP,  on a rocket throw. Colby came in and immediately showed his range making a running catch in the gap.  Neither got much going offensively, but both showed they belonged in the game.

 Memphis  5 Albuquerque (Marlins) 2

Jarrett Hoffpauir is still raking collecting 2 more hits.  He is hitting .471 in 17 ABs since being promoted.  Slicky Ricky got 1 hit and stays on 26 HRs.  Joe Mather had 2 hits.  Mike Smith gave up 1 run on 3 hits in 6 IP.

Redbirds’ Brian Esposito and the Isotopes’ Andrew Beattie were arrested early Saturday morning for a drunken altercation.

Friday night Anthony Reyes was roughed up for 6 runs, including 3 HRs, in 4.2 IP.

Springfield 5 Frisco (Rangers) 1

Tyler Greene was activated off the DL and it lasted all of 3 pitches.  Greene, batting second, swung hard on a 3rd strike and fell to the ground writhing in pain.  Mark Shorey and Jose Martinez each homered.  The Juans, Richardson and Lucena, each had 2 hits.  Cory Rauschenberger threw a complete game, giving up only the one run on 6 hits with 7 Ks. 

Jaime Garcia had his best game in a while on Saturday night pitching 7 scoreless innings and striking out 7.

Palm Beach 4 Brevard County (Brewers) 5

Chris Carpenter had a much better second rehab start.  He pitched 3 shutout innings, allowing 2 hits and a walk and striking out 2.  Eddie Degerman gave up 4 runs on 6 hits in 3 IP.  His ERA is now 6.43 in 7 innings since being called up from the Quad Cities.  Jon Jay was 2-4 and is hitting .351 in his rehab assignment.  Isa Garcia homered and is hitting .400 in his last 10 games.

Quad Cities 9 Beloit (Twins) 4

Chris Grossman had 4 hits inclucing 2 HRs with 5 RBIs and Luke Gorsett hit a solo shot.  Brandon Dickson gave up 4 runs in 5 IPs to pickup his 8th win. 

Batavia 1 Staten Island (Yankees) 5

Clayton Mortenson gave up 2 runs and had 7 Ks in 3.2 IP and picked up his first professional loss. 

Off topic, but check out the view from Staten Islands’ ballpark

Johnson City 5 Bristol (White Sox) 1

Joey Hage had a hit.  Jon Edwards, Matt Arburr, Mike Folli, and Paul Vazquez all had 2 hits each.

GCL Cardinals 6 GCL Dodgers 5

Gary Daley gave up 4 runs on 3 hits and 4 BBs in 2.1 IP in a Rehab start. Cardinals 7th rounder Deryk/James Hooker had 5 Ks in 2 innings.  Romulo Ruiz had 3 hits.  Fabian Marquez who as a pitcher has a 3.27 ERA had 2 hits as a firstbaseman. 

The Cardinals beat the Giants behind Todd “don’t call me Cy Young” Wellemeyer.  Ryan Ludwick had 3 hits and Chris Duncan had 3 RBIs. 

According Derrick Gould, Wellemeyer is moving back to the bullpen and 7 run Kip is returning to the rotation.  So Wellemeyer throws 5 shutout innings and loses his spot in the rotation to a guy who Jayson Stark named the Cy Yuk winner for the first half of the season?   Tony must be a genius because this goes way over my head.  I don’t understand this at all.  I know Wellemeyer is only giving you 5 innings, but at least he is keeping you in the ballgame. 

Albert Pujols has decided to participate in the HR Derby.

Cardinals fans are jumping off of buildings as Mark Buerhle signed what is believed to be a 4 year extension with the White Sox.

Anyone watching the Padres/Braves game last night?  ESPN had Greg Maddux mic’d and he felt he was being squeezed by the homeplate umpire.  So after the inning Maddux goes up to the ump and tells him, “I am really bad right now, it is hard for me to throw the four strikes.”



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