Pujols errupts

Well something happened and I lost my first draft of this entry.  So here it goes again.

Well I guess Albert’s homer drought is over.  El Hombre homered for the third straight day, only today he had 2.  Chris Duncan, JuanEnc., Adam Kennedy, and Ryan Ludwick all got in on the longball fun as well.  Mr. Rollercoaster, Adam Wainwright pitched 7 innings of shutout baseball.  The loss was Philadelphia’s 10, 000th. 

Here is an article on the Cardinal systems’ hot up-and-coming manager, Pop Warner.  Is it too far fetched to believe that Warner could replace Tony after the season?  If Jocketty leaves after the season and takes LaRussa with him, I think it could be very possible.  Say Lunhow does take over the reigns at the end of the year and a youth movement starts, who better than a person who knows the Cardinals’ best prospects?  I know that Jose Oquendo is the popular choice around St. Louis, but I would not be surprised to see Warner fill the vacated seat on the bench.  It reminds me a lot of what happened when Cleveland started its youth movement and named career minor league manger, Eric Wedge to take over its top job. 

Since I have already typed the minor league game by game highlights once, I will just give you the cliff note version.

Colby Rasmus left the game after being hit by a pitch in the top of the first. According to the Springfield News-Leader:  Rasmus was pulled from the game after he was hit in the head by a Zack Parker pitch. Team broadcaster Mike Lindskog later told The News-Leader that his removal was only a precautionary measure and that Rasmus participated in the post-game victory line.

Batavia was on the losing end of the second perfect game in NY-Penn League history

Brad Furnish will be promoted to Palm Beach on Monday.

 Blake Dewitt had a hit and an RBI off of fellow 2004 first rounder, Gio Gonzalez.

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