Back from Mississippi

blake-dewitt-2.jpgblake-dewitt.jpg  Blake Dewitt

We’re back from Pearl, Ms, home of the Mississippi Braves.  We went down to see Dodgers’ prospect Blake Dewitt, a member of the Jacksonville Suns.   Blake grew up in the same hometown as me and my late little brother played on some All-Star teams with Blake, if I remember correctly.  Also, my mom works for Bizzell Nursery, which is owned by Blake’s grandfather and uncle.  There were around 30 people who made the 6 hour drive to see Blake in action.

Blake has the sweetest left-handed swing I have seen all season.  In his first AB, Blake doubled off big league reliever, Tanyon Sturtze.  Blake finished the game 2-5 with an RBI and a run scored.  Before the game Blake signed a couple of balls for Anna and Zac.  He was very gracious with his time and is a really good kid. 

It was really good to see the Cardinals signed Pete Kozma.  I really believe this will speed up negotiations with Kyle Russell.  The Cardinals really couldn’t negotiate with Russell who wants first round money, until Kozma was signed.  If you signed Russell for well above slot, Kozma could use that to his advantage.  Which would be easy as Russell and Kozma share the same agent.

In Memphis, Rick Ankiel hit his 27th HR.  Joe Mather led off and had 4 hits.

After the night off, Colby awoke from his coma to get 2 hits.  Well at least he awoke if only for tonight. 

Nice night for the Cardinals after a whooping on Saturday night.  Albert is red hot.  I think that we in Cardinal Nation might take for granted how great a player Albert really is.

Peter Gammons mentioned that teams are waiting for Izzy to be made available.  Gammons predicted the Indians and Tigers as the probable top suitors.  If the Cardinals could pick up a Trevor Crowe and a mid level pitching prospect from the Indians I would be all over it.

Do you realize that you could give Babe Ruth or Stan Musial (who is second on the list) another 180 HRs for their career and neither can top the number of total bases career leader Hank Aaron achieved.

I will have more later as well as pictures of the ballpark.  I still have pictures from Little Rock of the Springfield Cardinals game and pics from my visit to Marion.



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