Colby Rasmus

Here are some pics of Colby Rasmus.  I apologize ahead of time as some of them are blurry.  We are going to Springfield in a couple weeks so I will update this then. 

colby2.jpg  Colby and Sean Danielson signing autographs before the game. colby3.jpg  colby5.jpg  colby7.jpg

 colby6.jpg  colby9.jpg  colby10.jpg

 colby8.jpg  Life as a centerfielder can be lonely at times.

Pictures taken June 9, 2007.

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  1. Chris Johnson

    Awesome! This is the same game I got Rasmus’s autograph! I am located in Conway and always made sure to make the games. Look at him now, its cool to know we saw him early in his minors career.

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