P.J. Walters

pj.jpg  pj1.jpg  pj2.jpg

pj3.jpg  pj4.jpg  pj5.jpg  pj6.jpg

pj7.jpg  pj8.jpg  pj9.jpg


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2 responses to “P.J. Walters

  1. A. E. Schafer

    Nice picks, Whitey. Appreciate the work on getting pics of the Swing players. It helps to be able to put a visual with the numbers.

    On Walters: looks like he has pretty good extension, and you’re right (with what you said over at FR) he does seem to hide the ball down at his side. The low velocity but great extension, funky delivery, and big, lanky body, sort of put me in mind of the Padres’ Chris Young. At least a little bit.

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