Ankiel up and Russell might be close

From Bernie:  Ankiel is definitely on the way up – confirmed.Going to be an interesting couple of days … La Russa asked for Ankiel to be up here in time for the road trip through Milwaukee and Chicago … But there is another development that expedited the process, and so Ankiel took the red-eye from the West Coast to get here today … To make room, won’t be a trade, so relax on that …but someone will go to make room for Ankiel …

Strongly believe it’s Spiezio but not confirmed …there are some issues. .don’t want to reveal anything more until we know more on a definitive basis…

Crazy week down there at the old ballpark behind the scenes… Edmonds and La Russa got into it two nights ago – pretty heated I’m told…


More on Kyle Russell from Jeff GordonUniversity of Texas slugger Kyle Russell, arguably the most exciting prospect drafted by the Cards this summer, appears likely to leave school to sign with the club. Last season he had 26 homers and an .877 slugging percentage.   Of course we know that Russell had 28 HRs.  I hope they can seal the deal with Mike Stutes, also. 

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