Welcome Matt to Whiteyball

 I am on the road in Springfield, watching Colby and the gang.  I will have more on player impressions later.  Hammons Field is beautiful.  The Texas League games are the only thing minor about this stadium.  Big League all the way.  Also, I got a chance to meet the Springfield News-Leader’s Kary Booher.  Really nice guy who writes a really good baseball column.


I had a chance to talk to Sean Danielson before the game.  He has a broken hand that is going to need 3 weeks to mend.  He is hoping to be back and ready for the Texas League Playoffs. 


I would like to welcome Matt to whiteyball.  He is a very knowledgeable baseball guy and has worked in the front office for a couple of Frontier League teams.  Plus, years ago, his dad put me behind the plate in Little League.  He told me I had a face that needed to have a catcher’s mask on it.  So here is Matt’s first of hopefully, many, entries.


What to do, what to do? 

Ankiel is up and gave you what I at least expected.  After 1 game, he has a .250 average, has shown some pop with a HR, and struck out twice.  If he gets 100 at bats before the end of the year, I’m betting his line will be .250, 6 HR, 15 RBI, and 10 runs.  Not bad production in my opinion.  How will he get 100 at bats though?  The Cardinals have 4 outfielders that need playing time, and three are left handed.  Edmonds, Duncan, and Ankiel need to be in the lineup and as much as I might not like Encarnacion, but he has been one of the Cards most productive hitters in the second half.

As for what we have in store for the next 10 games.  The Cards have the Dodgers at home, and then the Brewers and Cubs on the road.  This is looking like the time to catch the Cubs and Brewers with the Cubs injuries and the Brewers struggles of late.  It’s now or never for this frustrating Cards team which takes 3 of 4 from Milwaukee and San Diego, only to love 5 of 6 in between to the Pirates and Nationals.

I think Ankiel might be the shot in the arm the Cardinals have been looking for all season.  Maybe it will light a fire under some of the veterans like Rolen, Edmonds, and Kennedy.  Could you imagine the Cardinals getting into the playoffs for a second straight year with under 85 wins?  You never know what can happen in the National League Central.

I’ll be up in Milwaukee on Thursday for the afternoon Cards game and will be at Wrigley on Friday for the Cards game against the Cubs.  I’ll take some pictures and post them to the site.  Hopefully the Cards may be right in the hunt if they play some good baseball over the next 5 games before I get to Milwaukee.

I’ll also be attending my first River City Rascals game since becoming a neighbor to TR Hughes Ballpark in O’Fallon, MO.  The park is a nice .8 mile walk from my front door and on firework nights can enjoy the show from my front yard.  I’ll be attending the Thursday August 23rd contest vs. Slippery Rock of the Frontier League’s Eastern Division.  Hopefully I can get some pictures to update the Baseball Stadiums and Minor League Interests sections of the website.

Look forward to writing more in the future.


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