I just got back from the Springfield game.  I saw the last 2 nights and each night the team seemed flat and got little help from its pitching staff.  Colby’s defense is big league ready right now.  His bat still needs work as he was really pull happy the last 2 nights.  He did get a hold of one last night and there was no question it was gone when it left his bat.  Colby is also a really good kid.  He stays after the game until every kid gets an autograph.

The player I was most surprised by was Jose Martinez.  First off, his body type really reminds me of Edgar Renteria.  He has good range, a strong arm, a really good pop.  The homer he hit tonight was very impressive even though the game was out of reach.  He fouled off 3 consecutive pitches into the right field stands and then turned on an inside pitch to hit it out.  I was really high on him going into the season, but after his slow start I wasn’t so sure.  Now it seems the Texas League really agrees with him.

I will have more later;  some conversations with the Cardinals including GM Matt Gifford and Colby Rasmus, and lots and lots of pictures.

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