Happy Labor Day

St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa, right, and pitching coach Dave Duncan sit on the bench after changing pitchers, for the second time in the game, in the fifth inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates in their baseball game Monday, Sept. 3, 2007 in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Tom Gannam)  

Stop running Kip out there and you might have fewer headaches!

Kip Wells stinks.  Mike McCoy steals home.  Memphis ends the suffering.  Springfield gets ready and ejections galore for the Swing. 

kipper.jpg  Kip Wells from AP

Cardinals 0 Pirates 11

Ugh!  Kip Wells has absolutely no business pitching during a pennant race.  A quote from Stltoday really sums it up:   “Having already been through the adversity I’ve had this year, it’s not like I’m going to bury myself,” Wells said. “I’m just going to do what I can to give myself the best chance to be successful.”  Well, maybe you should beat yourself up a little bit Kipper, because you put the Cards in a hole early and this is a team that is fighting for a playoff spot.  I understand you don’t really know much about the playoffs due to the fact that you have been on perenial losers but this team wants to play in October.  I reference one of my earlier posts.

The Brewers and the Cubs both lost.  Good thing the Cardinals play in such a bad division.

mccoy1.jpg Mike McCoy from flickr

Memphis 1 Nashville (Brewers) 3

Mike Parisi gave up 2 runs, 1 earned, in 6 innings.  Travis Hanson ends a disappointing season with 2 hits.  He’ll turn 27 over the offseason and it is safe to say his professional clock is close to expiring.  If he is going to have a chance he is definitely going to have to become more versatile.  Brian Barden and Jarrett Hoffpauir each had a hit.  It will be interesting to see both of their development over the winter.  Both could factor into the mix for the big club next spring.  The club’s lone run came on a triple steal with Mike McCoy stealing home to complete a triple steal.

The Redbirds end a horrible season with a record of 56-88.

daniels.jpg  Adam Daniels from the Springfield website.

Springfield 3 Arkansas (Angels) 1

With most of the regulars taking the day off to prepare for the playoffs, the Redbirds were capable of grinding out 10 hits.  Allen Craig hit is third Double A HR in only 24 ABs.  He finished with 2 hits and 2 Ks.  Cody Haerther had 3 hits to finish with a .289 average.  Reid Gorecki and Casey Rowlett each chipped in 2 hits.  Adam Daniels put together a much needed quality start.  Daniels gave up 1 run, scattering 7 hits, and striking out 6 in 7 innings.  He finishes 5-7 with a 5.97 ERA. 

The Cardinals finish with a record of  74-63 .  They will host Tulsa on Wednesday night to start the Texas League Playoffs. 

Palm Beach’s season has concluded with a record of 71-69 which did not qualify for the Florida State League playoffs. 

 derba.jpg Nick Derba from the Swing website

Quad Cities 2 Beloit (Twins) 6

Clayton Mortenson was terrible, allowing 5 runs, 4 earned, in only 3 innings of work.  He gave up 9 hits while striking out only 1.  Tony Cruz finished 2-4 and was the only member of the Swing with multiple hits.  Manager Keith Mitchell, pitching coach Bryan Eversgard, and catcher Nick Derba all got ejected. 

The Swing finished with a record of 78-61 and will host Beloit on Wednesday night to open up the Midwest League Playoffs.

dew.jpg Josh Dew from the Scout.com

Batavia 6 Jamestown (Marlins) 1

Jon Edwards went 3-4 with 2 RBIs.  Ross Oeder and Domnit Bolivar both finished with 2 hits.  Brandon Garner gave up 1 run in 4 innings.  Jon Stambaugh pitched 4 shutout innings, allowing only 2 hits and striking out 4.  Josh Dew had 2 strikeouts in an inning of work. 

The Muckdogs have 4 games left in the 2007 season. 

Blake Dewitt’s regular season came to an end on Monday.  For the year Blake really struggled down the stretch to end the season hitting .292/.327/.466 with 14 HRs and 66 RBIs.  Two glaring areas of work are OBP and SLG.  Blake is going to have to work the count more to his favor to be able to draw more walks.  Being that he is playing a power position, a .466 SLG% lacks what scouts desire.  The third baseman ahead of him in the system, Andy LaRoche, hit .309/.399/.589 with 18 HRs.  Blake now goes on to play in the Arizona Fall League where many a career has been jump started.  We will wait and see what happens.




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2 responses to “Happy Labor Day

  1. Jack

    A triple steal? How does that work exactly, I’m scratching my head, can you explain that to me?

  2. Hugo

    Triple steal to me would be interesting because the catcher would have to assume the runner at third was stealing home or else there wouldn’t be a base for the other runners to occupy. But in essence you have the basesloaded and all 3 runners steal, hopefully the catcher is frazzled enough to throw to second or third and if you have the out to give it allows a guy to score.

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