Ankiel, Ankiel, Ankiel? Frontier League Playoffs

by  stltickets

What to do with the HGH allegations surrounding Rick Ankiel.  Being a Cardinal fan it is really hard to pull myself back and look at it with an objective view.

 I believe the allegations by the NY Daily News are true.  There are too many details in the story for it to be fabricated.  We just have to see what Rick Ankiel is going to say.

 I’m just pointing out what so many others have already said, but if he comes clean and admits that he used HGH back in 2004 while trying to recover from injuries from the recommendation of his doctor who prescribed the HGH, then I think this can go away and not become too big of a distraction.  Hopefully he can say he quit using HGH once it was a banned substance by MLB and can say he has not used any performance enhancing drugs since using HGH in 2004.  I believe if he makes these statements, this will be a story for about a week or two and then just fade away.

 If he denies the reports, I think he is setting himself up to be exposed even further in the future.  Journalists are ruthless and will not stop at anything to bring in the next big scoop.

 It’s just sad to see these types of stories come out and rain on such a wonderful parade.  Ankiel has been the best Cardinals story this year and now it is tainted.


In other baseball news.  The Frontier League playoffs began back on Tuesday night.  The Windy City ThunderBolts took care of the Rockford Riverhawks in 10 innings 3-2 and the Washington Wildthings beat the Gateway Grizzlies 5-4 to take 1-0 leads in the best of 5 Division Series.  The Thunderbolts beat Rockford 5-0 in game 2 to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the best of 5 series.  The Wildthings also took a 2-0 series lead by beating the Grizzlies on Wednesday 10-7.  Both series get back underway tonight in Rockford, IL and Washington, PA.  The dream of a ThunderBolts vs. Grizzlies Frontier League Championship Series does not look too promising.  At least the 2 former teams I worked countless hours for are having fantastic seasons.


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