Springfield back in action

Check out my Texas League Preview.  I would love to see Springfield pull out the win but San Antonio has some really good pitching.  Also, I hope you like my pic of Colby.

Not to beat a dead horse, but the Cardinals are now 0-4 since Ankielgate.  Slicky Ricky went 0-4 on Monday with 4 Ks.  Since Friday night’s press conference, he is 1-15.

The Cardinals fall 3 games back as the Brewers and Cubs are tied at the top.  Let’s be realistic, how may lives can one team have?

Check out MVN.com.

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One response to “Springfield back in action

  1. Hugo

    Not sure how many lives they can have, but I am hopeful that this weekend will be good for Rick and for the team, long home stand coming up that could be very helpful. But I also am not sure I want them to play many playoff games, the risk of hurting Pujols more is not worth it, but I can’t deny that I would love to see them win a few post season games.

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