An Almost Historic Comeback

Check out my draft review. 

What?!?!  The Cardinals are down 11 runs and come back and pick up 11.  They still fall 13-11 but I am totally impressed they had the intestinal fortitude to come back after the weekend they just had.  Looks like Izzy is running out of steam.

I have to admit it, I was kind of rooting for the Phillies tonight.  I would love for them to overtake the Mets.

As I reported a couple of days ago, Colby Rasmus and Chris Perez will be playing for Team USA instead of playing in the Arizona Fall League.  Mark Shorey and Kyle McClellan will be taking their place. 

It is now official, Nick Peoples signed with the Cardinals.  A David Eckstein type second baseman, the 19th Round Pick out of University of Texas also played third and center.  Peoples was injured in the NCAA Regionals and is finally healthy.  The Cards will most likely send him to the Instructional League.

Kary Booher has a look ahead to the 2008 Springfield season

Get on over and vote for the fate of the 756 Bonds’ HR ball. 



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