I will buy your plane ticket

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The boys over at Future Redbirds had a great debate over Ottavino and Herron.  I was leaning Herron but now it looks like I am leaning Ottavino.  I still think Herron will come out ahead in the end. 

The Cardinals’ Birdhouse is reporting that relief pitchers Michael Cooper and Marco Gonzalez will being heading to the Hawaii Winter League.  Gonazalez was an undrafted free agent out of Oral Roberts that the Cardinals signed after the 06 draft.  Cooper was really bad this year after having missed 2006 due to injury.  I would have liked to have seen Nick Webber who really struggled down the stretch get some more work. 

A ragtag lineup hung with the Phillies before falling in extra frames.  Some of the buzz around Cardinal Nation was concerning the pregame interview with LaRussa.  Seems when asked about Brendan Ryan, LaRussa questioned his mental makeup and said also that he smiles too much.  Then Ryan goes out and swings at a 3-0 pitch and get yanked.  Okay, I can see pulling him after swinging at that pitch.  If your not Alberto, that is bad baseball.  But cut the guy some slack, he is putting together a good year and is having fun.  This is a game still, right?  LaRussa, you had similiar words for Reyes before the season started and look how his year has went.  LaRussa leave!  If you are this unhappy and bitter, I will buy your plane ticket.




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3 responses to “I will buy your plane ticket

  1. frank bridges

    I agree, the future of the cards depends on the development of the young players that are coming up from A and double A ball. memphis should have a good club next year and this could be the start of some younger players making their way onto the cards roster. larussa is not the man to handle this situation. let him go.

  2. josh

    the cards just need to hang it up, and leave larussa out to dry. i don’t understand some of his calls over the last couple of nights. it has been hard to watch the last few games.

  3. mattyfrommo

    I will pitch in on that ticket

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