Starbucks Anyone?

Checkout Day 3 of  my draft review. 

Troy Cate has cleared waivers and been outrighted to Memphis.

In a chat over at Baseball Prospectus, this question came up today:

Mike (NY): Do you think Colby Rasmus will be an allstar and do you think Gomez, Martinez, and Tabata are all hype and will not meet expectations.

<!–David Laurila: Ah yes, Colby Rasmus. One of the guys I wanted to interview this year but his team (apparently) didn\’t have a media relations person with access to email.

I mean, sure, he has start written all over him. Having never seen him play, I can only go by what I hear, but everyone seems to be on board.

As for the other guys, I really couldn\’t guess. There\’s a tendency to overhype young toolsy guys before they\’ve really done anything, and likewise to bury them when they don\’t produce big right away (Jason Place is another). But patience is a virtue, and time will tell. Are those cliches?

Bernie has another take on the Brendan Ryan situation and Cardinals swinging on 3-0.

There’s a rumor that LaRussa might be heading to Seattle?  Anyone want to go in on a Starbucks Gift Card? 

I hate that the Cardinals wasted an outstanding effort by Adam Wainwright.  The most enjoyable part of the season has been watching him mature as a starter. 



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