Breaking News!!

This just in…the Cardinals stink.  Sorry to all the cool-aid drinkers, but the truth is the truth.

At least the Cubs lost so the Brewers are now 2 out.

Check my latest entry over at the Cardinals’ Nest.

Kary Booher has a couple of new posts.  He has a followup on his winter mailbag that I mentioned here last week.  In this post he mentions a person from Cape Girardeau, I wonder who that could be. 

Kary also has a good look at Rasmus and Anderson.  There has been a lot of talk lately about Anderson’s lack of power.  My take is this, it is obvious that Anderson wore down the stretch.  Hopefully,  he will come to Spring Training in 2008 in bigger and stronger for to help prevent the tiring down the stretch.  A bigger, stronger Bryan Anderson should translate to better power. 


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  1. How likely is that on Anderson, though? I don’t follow the minors as much as I should, but the power dropoff was pretty noticeable. I packaged him in a mock trade on my site today, thinking that Molina’s improvement makes him expendable. Is that crazy talk?

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