Pineiro Making Run at Next Year’s Rotation

First off, my association with MVN has ended.  It was short run, but definitely a learning experience.

Next, nice win by the Cardinals.  First off, Pineiro has really pitched his way into a spot in next year’s rotation, I hope.  It is nice to knock off the Mets for various reasons.  First , it is the Mets.  Second, it lets the Phillies in for a tie for first. 

Pujols needs 4 runs in 3 games, I have my fingers crossed.  CORRECTION:  THANKS TO HUGO FOR POINTING OUT THAT ALBERT IS NOW AT 97 RUNS.

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Kevin Goldstein has a review of his NL Minor League Sleeper picks.  Here is what he had to say about the Cardinals:   One of the last of the draft-and-follows as a 44th-round pick in 2005, right-hander Blake King finished with twice as many strikeouts (79) as hits allowed (37)…  A power pitcher with a plus fastball/plus slider combination, he offers plenty to dream on…..

What Happened: King’s power stuff still ranks with that of almost any other pitcher in the Cardinals system, as evidenced by his 127 strikeouts in 110 2/3 innings, but his 4.96 ERA and 78 walks show that he still has much to learn about his craft.



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2 responses to “Pineiro Making Run at Next Year’s Rotation

  1. Hugo

    Sorry to hear about MVN ending, I guess this means I can delete my Cardinal’s Nest feed then. Also, I think AP only needs 3 runs no, I could have sworn last night got him to 97.

    Good luck and keep the notes coming.

  2. Three runs in three days is pretty iffy for AP as well, though obviously better than 4. He is going to his home away from home, though. Let’s hope he puts a couple over the wall this weekend and sends the Cards out on a high note.

    Sounds like King really needs to get some control and he’ll be a interesting prospect. Always like the strikeout guys. They seem to take a while to get the control down (Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan), but when they do……….

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