Let the offseason begin

What an exciting tie breaker game on Monday night.  The playoffs will be hard pressed to match that atmosphere.  It might not have been a playoff game but it sure felt like it.  I was on the edge of my seat for most of the game.  My only complaint was the broadcast.  The commentators did there best to drain the excitement out of the game. Reading others’ comments it seems that most people felt that way as well.  Let’s hope TBS gets their act together and puts a little bit of life in the rest of their broadcasts.

Seems Tony is still undecided about his future.  The more of his comments I read, the more it seems he is out of here. 

Bernie thinks that Dewitt needs to throw more money at the problem.  I am sorry, but that is not the fix the Cardinals need.  Why bring in aging veterans whose contracts we will regret in a couple years such as Edmonds and Rolen?  If you really want to fix the problem, put more money in player development.  Look at this year’s playoff teams.  The Rockies, Phillies, Diamondbacks, Indians, Angels, and even the Yankees are led by a core they developed.  Yes, the Yankees.  Posada, Jeter, Cano, and Cabrera, the middle of their defense, have all spent their careers with the Yankees.  Their game 1 starter, Wang, is a career Yankee.  Look at their young pitchers, Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy, and the shot in the arm they have given that team. 

More later. 

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  1. Jack

    Whitey You’re really on to something here. Even though Tony could be the best manager on the market, his return could be detrimental to the team in the long term. Team history shows money spent on the big league level correlates to less money spent on drafting and development. Trading for the necessary pieces to compete next year would only hamper the future even more. Long term contracts, aging players, little player development, Tony, You’re a great manager, but you’re not what’s in the best interest of this franchise at this time.

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