Boston advances

I admittedly was rooting for the Indians to get past the Red Sox.  The Indians were my preseason pick to win it all.  I can’t say that I am too disappointed with the Indians’ season now being over so that now, hopefully, the Cardinals can put a new GM in place.  The Indian’s assistant GM, Chris Antonetti, is one of the hottest names in baseball and is rumored to be on the top of the Cards’ list.  I have to say that he is one of the two on the top of my list but with my other favorite, Logan White, not even being mentioned, I am rooting for Antonetti.  Let’s hope something happens by Tuesday.

I know that most everyone outside of Boston will be rooting for the Rockies, I believe their magical run is about to come to an end.  With the long layoff and the Red Sox being on fire, the deck is really stacked against the Rockies.  I just don’t see them going into Fenway Park and making any noise.  I got a strong feeling they might go into Fenway Park and get shelled.  Stranger things can happen, last year the Tigers were supposed to win in 3, remember?  But remember, too, the Tigers were coming off a long layoff.

Check out my look at possible trade targets to help bolster the rotation.

Stuart Pomeranz is making his case to be put back in the conversation when talking about the Cardinals’ pitching prospects.  He has yet to allow a run in Arizona. 

Springfield was name the Texas League Organization of the Year for the second consecutive year.  If you have been over to Hammons Field you definitely know why they continue to win the award.  Check out my pics in the post below.



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