Mozeliak in as GM

According to Bernie, Cardinals’ interim GM John Mozeliak will have the interim tag removed.  I have to say I am disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, Mo has been a good soldier and probably deserves a shot.  But I was hoping for a new direction, a new philosophy.  Time will tell if he is a clone of his old boss, Walt.

This weekend it looked like Antonetti was coming to town.  I guess we will find out soon enough what happened there.

So far, I have mixed reviews for the moves Mozeliak has made.  Bringing back Izzy was a no brainer.  With the free agent class full of mediocre talent, it was acceptable to extend Pineiro.  But he  really overpaid for Springer.  I really hope his next move is not resigning Eck.  Eck is becoming much more of a liability due to injuries and I am totally sick of his pop gun arm.  But whether I agree with the moves or not, I am really glad to see his agressive approach in getting guys resigned.  How many times did Walt sit on his hands only to see our guy leave in the end and the team left scrambling to replace that player?

Just when you think things could be looking up, it feels like business as usual.  But let me say, I am going to keep an open mind and wish Mo the very best.



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2 responses to “Mozeliak in as GM

  1. I’m pretty much with you 100%. His moves as a interim GM left something to be desired. Maybe now with the full power of the operational battle station at his disposal, he can make some moves before the whole thing blows up.

  2. I also hope that Eck isn’t returning. I love how he plays the game, but it’s time for a change.

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