I have a couple of free stories posted over at the Birdhouse. 

This one could ruffle some feathers.  But if the Cardinals want to strengthen player development and contend in 2008, John Mozeliak will have to think outside the box.

I did a look at the 2003 and 2004 drafts.  Both were headed up by new GM John Mozeliak. 

Brian Walton has photos of Team USA and the Mesa Solar Sox

Blake Dewitt is now hitting .361/.415/.528 in the Arizona Fall League. 

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3 responses to “11-3-07

  1. I don’t think Bonds would be much of a fit in St. Louis, more of his attitude and approach to the game than anything else.

    I’m also not of the belief that the owners should throw too much money at the ’08 squad, as I talk about today with Schilling. The NL Central is going to be better next year and there are just too many holes to fill. Keep your powder dry and look toward the next offseason, when you can really make an impact.

  2. I agree with you about next year. But ownership says that the Cardinals are going to be in the mix in 08 and I see Bonds as possibly as low cost/possible high reward solution to the problem.

    Could you imagine what Pujols would hit with Bonds behind him as protection? .375 with 55 HRs? It would be awesome.

    But, I do agree that Bonds is a jerk. But if you want to try and win in 08 why not roll the dice?

  3. Ownership is not going to come out and say, “Hey, we are writing off ’08”. That doesn’t sell tickets and that gets you a bad name.

    That said, I think they are looking at the fact that the Cards are going to more likely post a record that reflects their run differential of last year. I know Rolen will be better and Pujols should be, but Edmonds probably won’t, etc.

    So if given the choice between $8.5 million on Bonds in ’08 or using most of that toward, say, Ben Sheets for ’09-’12, I think they’d be working on Sheets.

    You could definitely roll the dice with him. I think you risk aggravating your fan bases if you do, though, which is something this ownership has shown itself unwilling to do.

    Plus, outfield is one place the Cardinals have depth at already. Any money should probably be spent improving the pitching staff.

    It’s a great outside-the-box idea, though!

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