The Future: Colby Rasmus

I hope you like what we put together.

 Also, be sure to get over to the Birdhouse for the latest St. Louis Cardinals’ news.



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5 responses to “The Future: Colby Rasmus

  1. Great stuff…as usual. I’m excited to see him play this spring.

  2. Thanks for putting this together. Very nice work. I for one and very excited to see Rasmus in action this year.

  3. Thanks. I am heading to the Winter Warm Up this weekend. Will I see any of you there?

  4. Alan Hull

    Nice. Rasmus is the future.

  5. sarah osborn

    Great! Since I am Colby’s Gma I can honestly say that I enjoyed this video. My hats off to who did it. The song was great and the whole thing made me cry because I have watched this young man struggle from a little boy to get where he has got. He deserves the best!

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