More on Dewitt

More on Blake Dewitt from  It seems that Nomar will not be ready for Opening Day.  From MLB: 

DeWitt has the current buzz, and he started at third base on Thursday in the Dodgers’ first “home” game in Arizona against the White Sox at Phoenix Municipal Stadium.

“Don’t jump to conclusions,” said Colletti. “He’s still in camp, has played a lot of innings and somebody we’re taking a look at, but it would be unfair to put too much stock in him being the Opening Day third baseman. He’s somebody we’re taking a look, a solid look.”

Adding DeWitt to the 40-man roster would get the clock started on his protection timetable sooner than necessary, but Colletti said he wasn’t worried about that.

Said Torre of the 22-year-old DeWitt: “I’m not saying he’s the option, but coming from the Minor League side, he finds himself playing every day, which is interesting. The youngster has caught people’s attention in camp. How long will this be for? We’ll have to wait until the beginning of next week to figure out how long we’ll be without Nomar.”

Coletti acting like adding Blake Dewitt to the 40-man roster is no big deal is hard to swallow.  It is always a big deal to add a guy to the 40-man and get that clock to ticking.  To me, Coletti being the GM is a strike against Blake.  It is the kind of guy who would prefer to bring in a veteran and block the young guy.  Nomar was brought in and blocked James Loney.  Nomar moved to third to block Andy LaRoche.  Luis Gonzalez and Juan Pierre blocking Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp. 

Remember, Chin-Lung Hu and Tony Abreu, Blake’s competition at this time, are already on the 40-man roster.  A clear advantage for those two.

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