One Month Down

The MLB season is one month down and I have to admit that I am totally surprised by the St. Louis Cardinals play so far.  The rotation has been a whole lot better than expected and I can’t wait to see what happens when the Cubs come to town this weekend. 

Sorry for the lack of posts here at whiteyball lately.  I have been doing 5+ articles a week over at the Birdhouse.  I am doing the daily Minor League notebook every Mon-Fri plus trying to chip in a few features here and there.  Plus, Anna has started softball and I am coaching.  Nothing teaches patience like trying to teach softball to 15 seven to eight year old girls.  Also, I got slowed down a little last week with a 7mm kidney stone.  I had if for a week or so, but was unable to pass it on my own so I had a procedure called lithotripsy. 

Before I could not tough it any longer, my buddy Josh and I went to see Mizzou play SIU in O’Fallon.  Nice ballpark that is reminiscent of GSC Park and Rent One Park.  The Tigers were very disappointing (as the continued to be throughout the weekend).  Admittedly, the score would have likely been much different if the teams would have been using aluminum instead of wood bats.  Jacob Priday ended the game by hitting a deep fly to center that would have most likely been gone with the metal.  The Saluki outfielders wer playing him so deep that the left fielder was standing on the warning track.

Blake Dewitt is back up with the Dodgers after about a 36 hour trip to the minors.  Since then he has really been hitting the ball well.  On Wednesday night, Blake had two more hits and a career high four RBIs. 

Keep checking the Birdhouse for your daily minor league news. 

I have four ball parks to post so keep checking back. 


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5 responses to “One Month Down

  1. Awful hard to beat the new Busch, caught my first game there at the Cubs opener Friday night and had great box seats. The Miners’ Rent-One is a great experience, too, plus a much shorter drive and less traffic. A great family outing.

  2. I agree, Rent-One is a fun place to watch a game.

  3. artfully says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. distiller says : I absolutely agree with this !

  5. murderous says : I absolutely agree with this !

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