Get Off the Pot!

No, the title is not in reference to a drug free message to come.  (Even though us at Whiteyball support Nancy Reagan and her message of “Just Say No”)

After reading Bernie’s column in reference to the Cardinal’s want of closer Brian Fuentes, I go to thinking.  In a nutshell, he talks about how the organization always seems to come up short when bidding on the free agent market.  You know the history, second place in the bidding on Kevin Brown, Mike Hampton, A.J. Burnett, and Jason Schmidt. I know there are more but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  (In retrospect, it is really good the team came up short in 3 of 4 of those negotiations.) But the fact is the team always comes in second and tries to portray in the press as being successful even though it didn’t land the free agent prize.

After K-Rod signed with the Mets, sources claimed that the Cardinals made an unsuccessful bid for the single season saves leader. More posturing that second place is good enough?  Agent Paul Kinzer said that in fact the Cardinals did not make a similiar offer as the Mets.

I have to agree with Bernie, if Fuentes is “The Man” the team is after, they need to …. or get off the pot!  The Cardinal fans who support this team deserve more than runner-up status.

Up today at the Birdhouse is our #30 prospect, Nick Stavinoha.

My friend and colleague over at the Birdhouse, Brian Walton, has remade the Cardinal Nation blog.  Be sure to check it out.

More thoughts….

  • If the team were to acquire Fuentes, does that make Chris Perez expendable?  I am as big a Perez fan as you will find but if he could be traded to  Tampa or Oakland for a young starter, do you make the trade?   With the A’s loss of Huston Street, could Mo pry away Gio Gonzalez for Perez?  Gonzalez is a young southpaw who is ready for a MLB rotation in 2009.
  • Impact bats could be cheap in January.  With Raul Ibanez getting only(!) 3 years/$31 million that has to be bad news for Adam Dunn, Pat Burrell, Bob Abreu, and Milton Bradley.  It is very possible one of these guys could fall and be ripe for the picking for Mo come next month.
  • Missing in action:  Orlando Hudson.  With all the talk of the winter meetings’ rumors, Orlando Hudson’s name was never mentioned.  Hudson would look great in Cardinal Red!

Tonight check out the the Cardinal Nation Ticker.  I have been asked to serve as a panelist on a live chat so be sure to check it out.  Follow the link.

Dustin Mattison



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3 responses to “Get Off the Pot!

  1. I think you’re right in saying that the Cards need to get off the pot. If Fuentes is their guy, then they need to go out and get him. As it stands now, we’re just wanted for him to get a better offer from Anaheim – which is probably what he wants considering he is a southern CA guy.

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