Don’t Call It a Comeback

Just an FYI..

Look for whiteyball to be cranked back up in the coming days.  Two old friends, Matt Wilson and Michael Riehn, have joined up to get this little piece of Cardinal Nation going again.

We will bring you news from the Cardinals, MLB, Milb, and probably indy ball as well.  Plus, this was Whiteyball: Baseball and a little more so there is no telling what topic we might cover.

I am really excited about this joint venture and hopefully we can give a little bit to Cardinal fans whose thirst for more info is never quenched.  But, please, be patient while the site gets revamped.

Remember, to keep checking out my work at the Birdhouse. I will still be making contributions there as well.



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2 responses to “Don’t Call It a Comeback

  1. Glad to hear it! And hopefully y’all can get in on some of the UCB stuff as well.

    Good stuff last night!

  2. Looks good guys, looking forward to reading!

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