Adam Kennedy Released

Adam Kennedy at Winter Warm UP

Adam Kennedy at the Winter Warm UP

Adam Kennedy was released today after the club was unnable to trade him per his request.  While Kennedy’s offense left much to be desired, many defensive metrics had him as among the best second basemen in the league last year.  It is interesting that this would happen shortly after the club announced it’s plans to try Skip Schumacher at second base…

Michael Riehn

(Photo courtesy of Dustin Mattison)


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4 responses to “Adam Kennedy Released

  1. stltickets

    Does this open up the door for signing Orlando Hudson? Is it worth signing Hudson, and giving up the pick for a Type A free agent? This is a bold move. Obviously the Cards didn’t want Kennedy in camp.

  2. I wonder if there isn’t something in the works.

  3. Jeff

    The team is eating Kennedy’s $4M salary. Given their public protests of being poor, I can’t imagine the front office would look externally for another second baseman.

  4. Welcome Jeff. Thanks for stopping by and please excuse our construction over the next few days/weeks.

    I think that the team will go to camp and look at the competition. If no one steps up, I could see Mo going out and signing a Ray Durham or bringing back Grudz if either is still available.

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