A sad day in the Wilson household with the Kennedy release.

Adam Kennedy released. Who really cares? How big of a difference is this going to make? Probably not going to make a difference for the 2009 St. Louis Cardinals at all, because replacing Kennedy’s production as an every day player should be easy. I don’t quite understand the dump of $4 million, but Tony just didn’t want Kennedy to show up to the Redbirds camp.

The real issue I have is how to break the news to my son.

Growing up, all I remember about the 1982 baseball season was that I loved Ozzie Smith. Yeah the Cards won the World Series, but a 3 year old isn’t too worried about that. I don’t really remember why I was such an Ozzie fan, but I only wanted to wear my Ozzie tee shirt and buy Kangaroo shoes from that point forward.

My son last season was given two baseballs by Adam Kennedy at spring training. This is all it takes for a three year old to become your biggest fan. Every time we played baseball in the house, he has to run out of “dugout” and announce that Adam Kennedy is on the field. When trying to make contact with pitches I throw him in the back yard, calling him Reese instead of Adam Kennedy will get me yelled at. He was upset at games we went to when Kennedy was not in the lineup last summer.

How do you tell a 4 year old, his favorite player on his favorite team is no more? I’ve already had to hold off past his fourth birthday on Tuesday.

I guess we’ll just have to work on finding a new player for my son to root for. I’ve been worrying about this day for a while with Kennedy’s poof performance, but thought I was out of the woods after not re-signing Miles or Lopez. Any help on a favorite player for a four year old will be much appreciated.

I know this isn’t the typical post on this site, but we will have plenty of real Cards talk, stats, updates, and minor league analysis. I just want to make sure that I don’t hurt my son’s love of the game. I don’t really push him to the sport at all, but he’s loving it like I want him to. My father told me the story about how he was pretty tore up as a boy when the Cardinals traded Ken Boyer, and I wonder if my son will remember the Cardinals releasing his favorite Cardinal.

Matt Wilson



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2 responses to “A sad day in the Wilson household with the Kennedy release.

  1. I know you may be looking for someone as solid as Kennedy, but this Pujols kid looks like he may be around for awhile. He doesn’t steal as many bases though, so he may not be a fit.

    If you have any influence, I would push him away from Ankiel. I think he’ll be disappointed next offseason if he picks him.

  2. Flat Tax

    Raise your children right, I’ll send you a few signed Cubs items to get him started…

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