Brent Strom

I found this kind of interesting.  This is Brent Strom, one of the St. Louis Cardinals roving pitching instructors.   This video comes courtesy of  Sign up for his free news letter to get all kinds of cool videos.



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3 responses to “Brent Strom

  1. This is a really cool glimpse into the Cardinals philosophy on pitching. I wonder if the Cardinals look for this hip swing in a pitcher (especially when drafted) or if they believe all pitchers can be converted.

  2. I think it is both. Last season before ST, several of the younger pitchers came in early for classic mechanics training.

    When I talked with Thomas Eager a couple of months ago, he told me that the mechanics he used learned at Cal-Poly under coach Jerry Weinstein are very similar to what the Cardinals teach. It just happens that Weinstein and Strom are good friends. One of the more overlooked prospects in the system, Chuckie Fick, dad is a long-term scout for the organization.

  3. betterballplayer

    really valuable insight right there. Pitching mechanics are probably taught improperly even more than hitting mechanics – which is tough. Its cool to see some insights from top level guys.

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